A perfect start into the day - our excellent goumet buffet.

Our friendly staff and service has always been the main reason for all our returning guests.

However waking up to the aroma of freshly grounded coffee and sweet scented tea which comes with our breakfast spread is also another good reason.

Due to this unusual times, we will be serving our guests a lovingly prepared breakfast for your table.

Our breakfast is served by fresh regional and partly organic products. Excellent cheese selection, regional ham, homemade cakes, organic jams, freshly cut fruit are some of the selection. Eggs are prepared as desired.  Our friendly staff are more than happy to serve you.

We also offer gluten-free and lactose-free products for guest who have special dietary needs. We do have soy products too.

Kindly inform us before your arrival so that we are fulfil your dietatary request.







Coffee and Tea

We  have a  wide variety of aromatic Ronnefeldt teas for you to choose from.

Our filtered coffee and all our other coffee flavours are from our local coffee roasting company here in Stuttgart, the Hochland Kaffee Hunzelmann.

And it will be freshly brewed and brought to your table personally.

Hochland Kaffee is committed to producing the highest quality of coffee. Particularly important to this Stuttgart coffee roaster is its ecological and social obligation conscience to coffee farmers and its workers.

Hochland Coffee Company has received the Blue Flag Ecological Programme award.